Mom saves up $24,000 for son’s cancer treatment, son spends it all on video games without her knowing

A mother from Guangzhou, China steadily saved up ¥150,000 Yuan (~$24,000 USD) for her son’s leukemia treatment only to discover he had spent it all on a mobile game.

She was about to pay for her son’s medical treatment when she saw that there was nothing left in her bank account.

The mother, Lai Donghong, rushed to the bank to get to the bottom of the situation. They showed her that someone had made five to six ¥8,000 yuan (~$1,271 USD) transactions in one month.

After going to the police, it was found that the money had been transferred to the mobile “King of Glory”. Knowing her son Taotao was a fanatic of the game, Lai realized he was at fault.

10-year-old Taotao didn’t know that the numbers on the screen represented real money.

“I remembered seeing my mother use the money transfer feature of WeChat and copied the procedure to do the transaction.”

— 10-year-old Taotao

Tencent, the developers of “King of Glory” managed to retrieve about two-thirds of the money when they heard what happened.

It was reported that Lai has accumulated approximately ¥499,000 Yuan (~$79,300 USD) in debt since May 2017, when Taotao was diagnosed with leukemia.

Best wishes to the family, and here’s hoping Taotao isn’t too disappointed with the game coins he had to return!

Source: Beijing Evening News