This Moment From TWICE Nayeon’s MGMA Speech Will Make You Cry

ONCEs who relived the moment found themselves deep in their feels.

An old Twitter post from a TWICE fan account has been gaining traction once again. Originally posted on August 1, the Tweet had a 25-second clip of Nayeon speaking at the M2 X Genie Music Awards (MGMA) attached to it. The Tweet, which had over 11,000 likes at the time of writing, included an English translation of what Nayeon said, and fans couldn’t help but be deeply moved by her words.


We are nothing but because of ONCEs we felt special, when we have hard time and good things, we have ONCEs who trust beside us always, as 9 members we’ll show you a better side of us. Let’s be healthy. Thank you.


In the video, Tzuyu and Momo could be seen nodding in agreement with everything Nayeon said, which made the moment feel even more heartfelt to ONCEs worldwide.

Did you find yourself tearing up at Nayeon’s speech?