TWICE Momo and Mina accidentally kiss mouth to mouth

Sana snuck up and pushed Momo and Mina’s faces together while they were sharing a pepero snack.

K-Pop idols have been known to play a certain game with peperos where two members eat from each end of the stick until their faces are close enough to kiss. Pepero snacks are long cookie sticks dipped in chocolate (and other flavors) that make for an fun and tasty snack.

In a video filmed by a fan, Momo pulls out a chocolate stick and offers it to Mina. As both members draw closer and closer together, Sana spots the couple and seizes the opportunity to push their faces together. The two accidentally touch lips and recoil in shock. Momo and Mina blush with surprise while Sana laughs triumphantly.

Check out the adorable clip below!

The GIF below shows the perspective from another camera. The mischievous Sana is shown laughing and running off after pushing Momo and Mina together.

This goes to show anything can happen at a fan meet.