Momo hits Nayeon in the head…instantly regrets it

TWICE‘s Momo put herself in a bit of hot water with fellow member Nayeon at a fan-sign with her light teasing.

In an attempt to be silly, Momo teased senior member Nayeon with a toy mallet but immediately felt the regret of her actions. Fans caught her on camera hitting Nayeon with the toy, which caused a quick reaction from the group’s eldest member. After feeling the small bump, Nayeon looked at Momo with a dramatic glare of indignation before picking up the toy and hitting Momo back teasingly. While it was all for light play, the dramatics that transpired were surprisingly intense.

Watch Momo’s instant regret at Nayeon’s jaw-drop reaction to her teasing:

These two never stop playing around and their teasing seems to never come to an end. This must be Momo’s payback for Nayeon’s endless teasing.