Momo tried to straighten her doll’s hair, what happened next will leave you in stitches

Momo was up to her usual silliness playing with a Barbie doll when things took a turn for the worse.

TWICE’s Momo is known for being one of the silliest members in the group, and recently Jeongyeon showed a video on her phone of her fellow TWICE member accidentally injuring a doll! Momo can be seen in the video attempting to straighten the hair of a Barbie doll. However, it appears Momo may not have realized that the synthetic doll hair might not react very well to heat.

As Momo slowly pulled the hair through the iron, it was revealed that the hair had burned off!

The reaction from Jeongyeon is priceless! This poor Barbie-doll will never be the same. This kind of hair treatment it reminds us of that poor girl who lost her real hair doing the same thing…

Whoops! Better luck next time!