Momo does something sneaky with her hand behind Mina’s back

TWICE‘s Momo was caught doing something naughty to fellow TWICE member Mina and it was all captured in this GIF.

In late December 2015, TWICE was at their debut album The Story Begins’ fan signing event. At the event venue, all the members stood in a straight line and waited patiently for their turn to speak. While Momo was waiting, she suddenly felt the urge to tease fellow member Mina by touching/grabbing Mina’s backside.

The unsuspecting Mina was shocked by Momo’s action, but remained composed, save a faint smile. The two Japanese TWICE members have been known to be quite close, and have even kissed each other on occasion. Momo has continued to show off her playful side with her group members,  getting involved in a similar situation with fellow TWICE member Jeongyeon.