Momo Scared The Sh*t Out Of TWICE, And It Was Glorious

Sana and Nayeon never saw her coming.

Momo has suffered countless hair-raising frights over the years, but when she sees an opportunity to be the scarer rather than the scare-ee…she seizes it!


Just about anything can startle this lovable fraidy-cat, from fireworks…


…to amusement park rides.


Even the TWICE members have spiked Momo’s blood pressure!


Jihyo made Momo screech like a dolphin when she pulled this fake finger prank at a fan meeting.


Jihyo tricked Momo into pulling her finger…and the finger came right off!


Tzuyu even managed to terrify Momo with a harmless head massager!


Thankfully, Momo has found ways to turn the tables now and then. Back when she was a blonde bombshell, Momo played this ghost prank on TWICE.


After suffering a close encounter with this “ghost”, Momo decided she shouldn’t be the only one to suffer. Thanks to Momo, TWICE freaked out…


…twice in a row!


Momo also (inadvertently) startled Jihyo at a fan event. Her reaction to a bee had a ripple effect, making Jihyo jump just as much as she did.


Most recently though, Momo gave Sana and Nayeon the fright of their life backstage. While they were talking to the camera, she snuck up behind them and…


Boom! Heart attack!


Nicely done, Momo! Nicely done!