Momo and Tzuyu Sing Happy Birthday To ONCE In Three Different Languages In Their Latest V LIVE Broadcast

Who needs language school when you’ve got multi-lingual queens Momo and Tzuyu?

During Momo and Tzuyu‘s May 21 V LIVE broadcast, a ONCE asked what “Happy Birthday” was in Chinese. This led Momo and Tzuyu to sing it in Chinese, and then offer all of the ONCEs watching the V LIVE a “Happy Birthday!”

Momo: “What’s ‘happy birthday’ in Chinese?” 

Both: [singing “Happy Birthday” in Chinese] 
When Tzuyu asked Momo to sing in Japanese, Momo explained that in Japan they just sing the English version, so they sang that together as well, followed by the Korean version.

Momo: “In Japan, it’s just ‘Happy Birthday to you~’ [in English].” 
To wrap it all up, they slowed everything down and had a “repeat after me” session for each language during which the ONCEs at home (they’re sure) did “really well”.


Both: “Good job! Very good job, ONCE!”

Go catch up on the full lesson and post-mukbang fun including an over-the-phone appearance from Sana on TWICE’s V LIVE channel.

Source: V LIVE