MOMOLAND Under Fire For “Disrespecting” BTS At MGA

ARMYs are furious.

MOMOLAND is taking heat from ARMYs for their alleged “disrespectful” behavior toward BTS at 2018 MGA (MBC Plus x Genie Music Awards).


Outraged BTS fans have pointed two MGA moments in which they feel MOMOLAND behaved unprofessionally toward BTS.


MOMOLAND have been accused of laughing at Jimin‘s vocal mistake during BTS’s “FAKE LOVE” performance.


MOMOLAND have also been criticized for not bowing to BTS in passing. When MOMOLAND were called up to accept the “Best Dance Performance” award, the members passed BTS and TWICE, their industry seniors, without acknowledging them the way these ARMYs feel they should have.


For days, furious ARMYs have been flooding MOMOLAND’s Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube accounts with angry messages, criticizing the group’s manners and talent.


Netizens, including fellow BTS fans, have called out these ARMYs for their hateful messages and hypocritical behavior.


They feel that these ARMYs have gone too far, and are now coming to MOMOLAND’s defense.


According to netizens, MOMOLAND temporarily turned off commenting on their Instagram, possibly in response to ARMYs’ comments, but it has since been turned back on.


Many netizens are now encouraging ARMYs to support BTS with love and positivity, rather than by engaging in fan wars.