Momoland Fans Wondering What Happened To Yeonwoo’s Eye

Yeonwoo’s eye patch has fans worried about her health.

Fans became concerned after Momoland‘s Yeonwoo wore an eye patch during a live performance.


They worried that an infection, such as pink eye, or a more serious injury had occurred.


Yeonwoo’s eye patch may have been worn to treat a minor bacterial infection known as a “stye”.


Thankfully, Yeonwoo seems to have made a full recovery. She recently performed with her members, sans eye patch.


Yeonwoo fans saw her willingness to perform, even while ill, as a sign of strength and dedication, but they hope she’ll always put her health first.


Performing with an eye patch must have been difficult, but Yeowoo didn’t let it slow her down!


Other idols who have sported this medically necessary accessory include EXO‘s Baekhyun


GFriend‘s SinB


JBJ‘s Kwon Hyunbin


…and Wanna One‘s Bae Jinyoung.