Here’s How Momoland’s JooE Reacted When Her Brother Told Her “I Love You”

She showed a very JooE-like reaction.

Momoland‘s JooE appeared in a YouTube video back in March where she confessed her love to her brother and her brother reciprocated the affection.

In the video uploaded by a YouTube channel called “Nadol”, JooE received the difficult mission of telling her brother “I love you“.

So after some hesitation, JooE called her brother and started off by saying, “Since you’re on military leave, I have a present for you.

She then said, “I love you“, to which her brother asked, “That’s the present?

But to JooE’s surprise, her brother then said, “I love you, too” and showed off their adorable sibling love.

In response, JooE made all sorts of frowning expressions and even pretended to throw up. But in the midst of these reactions, there was a small smile that peaked through.

When the producer commented that her brother sounded caring and affectionate, JooE remarked, “That’s because I gave him spending money not long ago” and caused a stir of laughter.

Watch JooE’s full reaction below:

Source: Insight