JooE Stole the Spotlight on Momoland’s Comeback Stage of “I’m so Hot”

JooE’s so addicting to watch.

Mnet’s M Countdown recently shared closeup footage of JooE performing to Momoland‘s new song, “I’m so Hot” on their comeback stage, and she was absolutely glowing, to say the least.

In the footage, JooE can be seen flaunting a dark two-tone hairdo tied up into two pigtails and showing off her cheerful charms.

She even displayed a variety of expressive facial expressions that went along with their addictive new song.

What especially draws the eye is the crop top, short shorts, and the garter belt she wore that really showed off her impressive figure.

Her outfit might very well remind you of the fictional character, Harley Quinn, while her face looked adorable as ever.

But that’s not even the best part. The highlight of this shared footage is JooE’s incredible dancing ability and the flawless choreography she pulled off for Momoland’s comeback performance.

Check out JooE’s captivating performance of “I’m so Hot” below:

Source: Insight