MOMOLAND’s JooE Crying About Her Members Will Make You Tear Up Too

This is how MOMOLAND stayed strong.

On MOMOLAND’s Saipan Land, MOMOLAND‘s JooE got super emotional while talking about when she feared that her rising popularity might affect the teamwork and her relationship with the other members.


JooE explained that although she tried not to show it, she was actually terrified by the idea that the members might drift away from her. As she reflected back to the anxiety she felt, JooE began to cry.


Other MOMOLAND members who were listening to JooE couldn’t help but get emotional too, all because they knew exactly what JooE must have gone through.


Members tried to make JooE feel better by sharing how they felt about JooE’s fear. Ahin comforted JooE and explained that the members already knew how difficult it must have been for JooE on her side.

You don’t have to say anything. We know you went through some tough times.

— Ahin


Nayun agreed that JooE must have felt quite lonely, and that her fear rising from the loneliness must have been dreadful.

You were so busy and didn’t get to spend a lot of time with the rest of us… while we grew closer when we didn’t have any schedules. So it makes sense that you felt scared of growing apart. I can totally understand that.

— Nayun


However, MOMOLAND members stayed as strong and tight-knit as a family and never let JooE feel out of the loop. JooE looked back to a night when Nancy really touched her heart.

One night, I was so miserable – I don’t remember why, but I was – and I came home around 4AM and the lights were off… I felt so exhausted that I just started crying. As I stood there crying though, Nancy came out of her room, didn’t say a single thing, but just took me in her arms and hugged me…

— JooE


JooE thanked the members once again for having been the strongest support system for her, and for each other at all times.


Fans believe this kind of bond and teamwork is leading MOMOLAND to continue succeeding in the K-Pop industry! Watch the full clip here: