Momoland’s JooE Makes Shocking Transformation After Changing Her Hairstyle

Is that really you, JooE?

Momoland‘s official Instagram account recently shared photos of JooE, and her new look is receiving a lot of positive attention.

In contrast to her signature pink and blonde hairstyle, she was seen with brown hair that made her look more mature.

JooE is commonly known to have a vibrant and cheerful appearance, but the new hairstyle gave her a more serious and toned-down look that fans are not used to seeing.

In addition to her new hair, what drew particular attention was how beautiful her facial features looked.

Her pale skin, distinct facial features, and her new hairdo were pulled off so well by JooE that it adds to the fans’ anticipation for what Momoland has in store for them in their upcoming comeback.

Source: Insight