Now That She’s an Idol, Momoland’s JooE Wishes She Studied and Went to College

She had a change of heart after debuting.

On a recent episode of KBS2’s Hello Counsellor, a mother in her 40s shared her worry about his son who wanted to leave his high school residence, which led to a conflict with his father.

The son’s dream was to become a singer-songwriter, but he couldn’t practice singing in his high school residence, which made him want to go back home.

Despite the son calling his mom every day and begging and crying to leave the residence, there was no use because of his father’s resistance. His father strongly believed that education came first.

After hearing this story, Noh Sa Yeon expressed her opinion by asking, “Since you’re still a student, how about you find your dream after you complete your studies? There’s a correct time for everything.

Momoland‘s JooE, who is now a successful idol, also added to this as someone who once desperately wanted to succeed as an idol rather than focusing on her studies.

JooE confessed, “Now, I want to study. I want to go to college.” JooE had taken the 2017-2018 college entrance exam, but she never entered a college. JooE added, “Now that I’m a singer, I finally realize why everyone told me to study back then. I feel like you only realize this afterward.

Source: Insight