MOMOLAND’s Jooe Reveals The 4 Prettiest Female Idols Who Are Popular Among Her Idol Friends

They’re so pretty that other female idols can’t even deny it.

MOMOLAND‘s Jooe made a guest appearance on a recent episode of Radio Star and revealed some of the female idols she’s close with. She named Oh My Girl‘s Binnie, DREAMCATCHER, and G-FRIEND‘s Yuju, all of whom MOMOLAND recently celebrated Christmas with.


This lead to a discussion of what they talk about amongst each other, revealing the female idols they’d chosen as the prettiest.

After a moment to think back on all their discussions, Jooe named the first female idol that came to mind. She chose the nation’s favorite little sister IU who’s known for her singing, acting, and delicate beauty.

Jooe took another pause before announcing the next one. This female idol has made a name for herself not only as a girl group member but as an actor as well: Red Velvet‘s Joy. She has such a distinct prettiness that everyone can’t help but fall for her charms.

For the last two idols to round out the four, Jooe named the two anyone would think of when hearing the word “pretty”: the beautiful Seolhyun from AOA and Queen Hyuna, who can instantly change from fierce to soft.

Although all of these female idols are pretty, they’re different types of pretty. See Jooe name them here. Were these the idols you were expecting to be popular among fellow female idols?