Momoland’s Nancy Unintentionally Shows off Her Stunning Body Despite Being Fully Clothed

Julien Kang stripped and flaunted his ripped body, too.

Momoland‘s Nancy recently appeared on SBS-TV’s Law of the Jungle where she joined other cast members in a jungle survival challenge along a beautiful beach.

On this day, Nancy, Julien Kang, and Yoon Park embarked on a fruit hunt, but once they climbed over some rocks, they were met with a beautiful waterfall.

As soon as they saw this, Julien Kang took off his shirt immediately and jumped into the water without any hesitation.

In response, Nancy showed her surprise at Julien Kang’s ripped body by exclaiming, “His shoulders are this wide like the Hulk!

She then followed Julien Kang and Yoon Park into the water and went completely under the water at the same time.

During their fun times in the water, Nancy unintentionally showed off her gorgeous figure due to the clothes she was wearing while submerging herself in the water.

It’s hard not to admire Nancy’s very curvy figure, and it might very well remind you of Momoland’s newest song, “I’m So Hot”.

Check out the fun footage of Nancy under a waterfall in the footage below:

Source: Dispatch