MOMOLAND Randomly Appeared On A Polish Reality Show, And Fans Are Loving It

It’s the mashup you never knew you wanted.

Nowadays K-Pop is everywhere, but idol groups like MOMOLAND still manage to show up when you least expect it.

Recently, the group popped up on Lepiej późno niż wcale, also known as Better Late Than Never. This new Polish reality show, based on Grandpas Over Flowers, follows a group of gentlemen on their travel adventures.


The Polish cast wasn’t sure what to expect when they arrived in Korea because they had little knowledge of the country’s pop culture, outside of PSY‘s “Gangnam Style”.


When they encountered these crowds on the street, they weren’t sure what was going on.


Much to their (and viewers’) surprise, MOMOLAND soon made an appearance and invited the gentlemen to take part in the filming of MOMOLAND’s own show.


The Polish cast received styling from a top K-Pop stylist…


…but they weren’t sure how to take their new looks!


One they’d all gotten their K-Pop makeovers, the cast joined MOMOLAND on set. MOMOLAND taught them to dance…


…and they had a blast doing it!


One of the younger cast members couldn’t resist falling for JooE‘s charms, and he gave her his number in the hopes of staying in contact.


His fellow cast members jokingly encouraged him to confess his love, since the show follows the “better late than never” philosophy…

..though his parents-in-law might not approve!


After dancing, the cast played games with MOMOLAND…


…and wrapped up the shoot with some fun, commemorative photos.


When fans’ discovered MOMOLAND’s appearance on the show, they were in shock.


Many loved the interactions between MOMOLAND and the Polish cast…


…and summed up MOMOLAND’s cameo in one word: “legendary”.


You can check out the show’s teaser here.