MOMOLAND Yeonwoo Has A Girl-Crush On Another Female Idol… and fans discovered who

Your new favourite ship is ready to sail!

MOMOLAND fans were thrilled to discover the identity of Yeonwoo‘s not-so-secret girl-crush on Yeonwoo’s phone.


While out and about, Yeonwoo’s proudly displayed her phone’s lockscreen. It is photo of none other than…


AOA‘s Seolhyun!


It’s easy to see why Yeonwoo chose this particular photo as her lockscreen. In it, Seolhyun looks ethereally beautiful under soft lighting as she concentrates on her task. Who wouldn’t want to be greeted by this gorgeous face every time they use their phone?


Yeonwoo definitely has great taste! Seolhyun is the total girl-crush package. She is beautiful…




…and super talented!


Fans are freaking out over Yeonwoo’s lockscreen, in the best way.


Yeonwoo stans are more than happy to ship these two beauties!


On the behalf of your fans, thanks for sharing your “secret”, Yeonwoo!