Momoland’s JooE Reveals What Her Older Brother Asks Her To Do Now That She’s Famous 

He has just one request.

Momoland’s JooE experienced the price of her fame from her very own family member — her older brother.


According to JooE, their relationship changed the moment she became an idol. Their relationship isn’t the only thing that changed though, as he is currently living the army life in the military.

“Before, he used to treat me like I was his little brother. Now he treats me like a celebrity. I got a call some time ago from his military base and he asked me to get TWICE’s signature because he is a big fan.” — JooE


He even asked her to get close with the TWICE members quickly, so she could send him their signatures as soon as possible.


Makes one wonder if he’s a fan of his own sister’s group too, right?

Source: Dispatch