Momo’s Sister Hana Covered TWICE Songs With Her Dance Crew And It Proves Talent Is Genetic

Hana nailed all of the dance moves.

Everyone knows TWICE‘s Momo is an epic dancer. Even BLACKPINK‘s Lisa, who is an undeniable dancing genius has said that Momo is among one of the best dancers in K-Pop.

Momo’s sister Hana is also a dancer and quite a good one at that! Her dance crew That crew released a video showing the members dancing — individually, because of social distancing rules — to TWICE songs.


Source: That clip/YouTube

Hana’s enthusiasm and energy and perfect for this upbeat dance.


Source: That clip/YouTube

She also nails all the steps to “CHEER UP” and looks too cute doing it!


Source: That clip/YouTube

As for “LIKEY”? We totally likey how she managed to keep a smile on her face the whole time!

Hana is undeniably an incredible dancer. Although both women must put in countless of hours of work to be as good as they are, we can’t help but believe they also have a natural talent for it… Which appears to be a genetic trait!

Our GIFs definitely don’t do Hana’s dancing justice, so you’ll have to check out her crew’s dance video below: