MONBEBEs Are Lining Up After MONSTA X’s I.M Listed His Marriage Conditions

Do you meet the requirements?

MONSTA X’s I.M recently appeared as a guest on GOT7 BamBam’s YouTube channel to discuss various topics. The two drank beer on the show as they talked about daily life, album preparations, and even marriage conditions!

MONBEBEs listen closely! These are I.M’s marriage conditions!

  • He doesn’t plan on getting married until he’s at least 35.
  • Someone that has a vision.
  • Someone that knows how to enjoy time by themselves.
  • Someone that doesn’t have debt. (He has the money, so you don’t need any.)
  • Someone that doesn’t force him to eat spicy food.
  • Someone that doesn’t talk about bitcoin all day.

The last two conditions were examples that BamBam thew it at him, but I.M himself said the first three! MONBEBEs that heard the conditions were lining up with proposals for a chance to win I.M’s heart!

| theqoo
  • “I.M the person you’re looking for is here!”
  • “Honey, did you call me?”
  • “I want to get in line for this!”
  • “It’s me!”
  • “I don’t have money and have no debt!”
  • “Honey!”

MONBEBEs, do you meet the requirements too? Let us know! If you haven’t watched the full episode yet, watch it below!

Source: theqoo