Monbebes Trend #MonbebesAreStillHere To Show Their Undying Love And Support

Monbebes aren’t going anywhere!

Monbebes all over the world continue to show their love and support for MONSTA X.

After Jooheon posted a heartfelt letter addressed to Monbebes about his condition, Monbebes wanted to make the group feel that they will always have their back despite the rough patch that they have went through.

Monbebes came together online and trended #MonbebesAreStillHere to remind the members that they will always be there for them in good times, but most especially in bad.

They also used this as an opportunity to remind everyone that they are not done fighting the good fight for Wonho. After roughly 3 months of constant efforts to persuade those who have the power to allow Wonho to return to the group, they are here to tell the world that they haven’t given up, and are not planning to anytime soon.

Monbebes are not tired and continue to fight for all seven members of the group, at the same time show them all the love and support they can manage to give the members.