MONSTA X Were Asked If They Were Going To The Club, So I.M Gave This Clever Answer

That’s the look of someone who’s plotting something.

MONSTA X attended iHeatRadio‘s recent music festival in Las Vegas. While they were on the carpet, a reporter asked an interesting question about how they would be spending their time afterward.

They asked if MONSTA X would be going out to the club or spending their time sight-seeing. Once I.M heard the word club though, he tried to hide a smile because he had the perfect answer ready.

As soon as I.M got his hands on the microphone, he said, “Club? We only know fanclub. Our Monbebe.” If there was an award for the smoothest answer, I.M would’ve won it.

He even plugged their new song into his response: “That’s why we released our new single Love U.” Of course, he couldn’t forget to show his love for fans either…

Love you Monbebe.

Not only is I.M talented in rapping and singing but he has a wit that is unmatched. Check out MONSTA X’s newest song “Love U” here.