MONSTA X’s Birthday Message To Monbebes Is The Best Gift Fans Have Ever Received

Why can’t it be Monbebe birthday everyday?

September 26 is a special date for MONSTA X because it’s their fan club Monbebe’s “birthday”. And on September 26, 2019 — to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the fandom’s creation — MONSTA X sent out a live broadcast in which each member took turns recording a personalized message for the loyal fans! Monbebes are absolutely in love the video and wish for nothing else but years and years more with MONSTA X members.


The live broadcast started off with MONSTA X members gathered around a birthday cake with “926” candles, singing the “Happy Birthday Song” for Monbebes. The members explained that while they’re in between international flights, they wanted to make time to celebrate Monbebe’s 4th birthday!


MONSTA X members looked casual and comfortable in the live broadcast, as they were hanging out in a hotel room. It made Monbebes feel extra special that the members dedicated the time in their busy schedules to come together and celebrate the day, though briefly.


Starting with I.M, MONSTA X members stepped up to the camera to personally congratulate Monbebes on their 4th birthday…

I love you Monbebes, happy 4th birthday!

— I.M


… and promised to stay side by side with them until time does them apart.

Happy birthday, Monbebes. Let’s stay together until forever!

— Minhyuk


While Joohoney and Hyungwon — and the rest of the members — each took turns to send Monbebes their personal messages, there were casual MONSTA X non-sense happening in the back. Even that became a precious birthday gift to Monbebes who always want to see more of MONSTA X in whatever shape and form!


Monbebes are now trending the hashtag #HBDMONBEBE on Twitter, also celebrating their 4th anniversary with MONSTA X. Like the members said, fans look forward to 4, 40, and forever more years with the group and can’t wait to see what’s coming ahead for the group and the fandom.

We love you, Monbebe!



Watch the live broadcast here:


And the official birthday message here: