MONSTA X Choose The Most Romantic Members That’ll Steal Your Heart

They couldn’t pick just one, so they picked four.

MONSTA X appeared on an airing of iHeartRadio‘s Most Requested Live to answer some questions from fans. While they ranged from funny to informative, one was in-between.

A Monbebe asked the group to choose which member was the most romantic one. With so many options for the title, they settled with picking four members.

As soon as I.M read the question aloud, they all needed a moment to narrow it down. Shownu did what a leader does best and chose the first one. He picked I.M. Confident in receiving the title, he said, “Thank you.”

Kihyun had another member in mind. He turned toward Shownu and thought aloud, “You?” That caused Joohoney to pick one of his own.

Joohoney didn’t waste any time, “I think Minhyuk.” Even though the other members had only named them, Minhyuk demanded an explanation, “Why?” He didn’t have to ask twice.

It was due to his consistent interest in the arts, “Because he’s drawing every day.” Of course, I.M had to poke a hole through his reason, “Nah, like… lately he’s not drawing.” Before they could discuss it further, Hyungwon announced the person he chose.

Ending the entire discussion, Hyungwon said, “I think Jooheon…Honey.” He was so satisfied with his choice that he couldn’t stop smiling. There was a good reason too.

Talking slowly to emphasize his point, Hyungwon explained, “He always prepares events. Our fans. Our members.” Joohoney was so touched by the praise that he gave him a handshake/high-five combo.

While I.M, Shownu, and Minhyuk are all romantic, according to MONSTA X, Joohoney is the one to watch out for. He’ll “Steal Your Heart”. After all, who could resist a surprise event that someone put thought and care into?

Watch them narrow down the members to the ones that’ll melt your heart with romance.