MONSTA X Divided In The Battle Between Waffle And Pancake

The members tried to settle an age-old battle!

In a video with Good Housekeeping, MONSTA X took part in the latest episode of Highly Debatable, where the members had to pick between two choices in several different categories.

One of the debates was the battle between the trusted waffle and the much-loved pancake!

As soon as the pancake graphic was shown, Kihyun made it clear where his loyalties lay, and it seemed as if Shownu and Joohoney had the same idea!

Minhyuk had a very different opinion from three of his members and struggled to find the words to explain why he was team waffle, describing pancakes as sticky!

He was not alone in this. I.M voiced his love for waffles and the crunchiness. Minhyuk then took this one step further, explaining that his perfect waffle meal had to have ice-cream and chocolate sauce on top.

When it finally came to making the decision, it was a lot harder than some of the other questions. In the end, Minhyuk, I.M, and Hyungwon were all team “waffle,” while Joohoney, Kihyun, and Shownu remained team “pancake!”

In the battle of pancake versus waffle, the result was a draw!

Even with the team divided, MONSTA X is still as strong as ever, and not even delicious desserts could get in the way of that!

You can watch the whole video on the Good Housekeeping YouTube channel!


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