MONSTA X Drew Portraits Of One Another And The Results Will Make You Laugh

Which one is your favorite? 😂

In an episode of Portrait Mode on Harper’s BAZAAR‘s official YouTube channel, MONSTA X were given 10 minutes to draw portraits of another member while answering questions–and the outcome was hilarious.

The first question they were asked was if they consider themselves artists. After hesitating for a bit, they came to the conclusion that they should see themselves as artists because they have many creative talents.

Rapper Joohoney‘s answer was simple and to the point: “We have so many talents and we’re MONSTA X, so we’re artists! That’s it!”

Barely even two minutes into the time given, Kihyun and Shownu were already laughing at maknae I.M‘s drawing!

A few seconds later, he ended up agreeing with them and re-started his drawing.

Later on, it was I.M’s turn to laugh at Shownu’s drawing, along with Hyungwon and Kihyun.

While Kihyun was busy laughing at something Joohoney said, Minhyuk complimented him: “Kihyun’s good at drawing.”

Finally, when it came to the reveal, they started off strong! Resident artist Minhyuk drew Joohoney, and the members were surprised at how well it turned out.

They all said that it looked just like him!

Joohoney was next: he drew Hyungwon, who loved it.

The others weren’t convinced though: I.M said that it looked like a frog, while Kihyun said his eyes looked like pizzas.

Next up was Hyungwon who had drawn Kihyun, but Kihyun was not impressed at all–especially after hearing Hyungwon explain his drawing by saying “He is always singing and he has short legs.”

He stood up and showed off his legs to prove that he wasn’t that short!

Kihyun had drawn Shownu–but I.M was confused as to why he chose to draw him naked.

“He’s only half naked!” Kihyun explained, much to the amusement of the others.

When it came time for Shownu’s portrait of him, I.M was upping their expectations: “This is amazing.”

They all loved the drawing–but MONSTA X always love anything Shownu does!

Finally, it was I.M’s turn, who started with the portrait he ended up scrapping. When Minhyuk asked who that was supposed to be, they all burst out laughing when I.M sheepishly explained that it was supposed to be him.

The second drawing made them laugh even harder! Joohoney said that the face “looked like a snowman,” and Minhyuk readily agreed.

Poor I.M, he tried his best… He even captioned the drawing “I’m sorry Minhyuk :(“!

One thing’s for sure–they each had a unique take on their interpretation of their chosen member, giving us a good laugh!

Source: YouTube