This MONSTA X Fancam Resurfaced And Netizens Realized Joohoney Teased Minhyuk’s “Ongshimi” Over A Year Ago

Anything could be a spoiler at this point.

During a fansign for MONSTA X‘s The Connect: Deja Vu mini album, Joohoney spoiled the melody for Minhyuk‘s mixtape “Ongshimi” which was just released on June of this year.

Joohoney cautiously looks over at Minhyuk while he mumbles the melody, probably hoping for a reaction, but he gets nothing from Minhyuk. Eagle-eyed Monbebe are bewildered as to how nobody picked up on this at the time.

Subtle teasers like this also make Monbebe put on their detective hats, because anything, and we mean anything could be a spoiler at this point.

Watch the masterpiece that came from that simple melody below: