MONSTA X Fans Grow Fiercely Divided Over The Group’s 5th Anniversary Ad Designs

Will they be able to agree on a design to please all?

Earlier this month, Mubeat Officialย tweeted an announcement claiming that MONSTA X fans have successfully completed the “MONSTA X’s Subway Ad Project” and that Monbebes can hence “submit anniversary ad design proposals“.

To this contest, some Monbebes โ€” who still believe former member Wonho to be a part of the group โ€” began submitting designs that showed “OT7“.

Two days later, Mubeat then clarified that “Only images with official members during the time period of the subway ad can be used” and these OT7-supporting fans left behind some harsh criticism:

More submissions followed โ€” but as per the new rule, these designs did not include any pictures of Wonho. Instead, Monbebes opted for symbolism. The designs still hinted at OT7 โ€” with seven dots, seven flowers, seven names, and so on.

In the end, Mubeat selected the a Korean Monbebe’s ad that clearly showed the now six-membered group. This final announcement sparked an intense battle in the comments section โ€” over why “the most retweeted design” did not get selected.

While Mubeat has not provided the frustrated fans with an understandable response, anotherย Monbebes vs. Monbebes situation arose over IDOL CHAMP‘s anniversary ad design contest.

When this tweet dropped the three finalists, some Monbebes became extremely offended by the overall design ofย option #1…

  • “I’m pretty sure some Monbebes are voting for #1 because one of the album covers show Wonho in the pictures. It’s ridiculous.”
  • “I can’t imagine seeing #1 blown up full size, displayed on the subway wall. Like I can’t even… Please save us all the misery.”
  • “What are you doing, IDOL CHAMP…? You should have made the right call and turned down designs like #1. Are you actually in your sane mind?”
  • “And to think IDOL CHAMP thought #1 could compete with #2 and #3… I don’t know what to say. I would rather die than see that on my way to work every day.”
  • “This isn’t even about the whole OT7 or whatever anymore. Just look. Look with your eyes. #1 is not a good quality ad. What good would that bring to whom?”

… while other Monbebes expressed disappointment in the six-membered pictures used for options #2 and #3.

IDOL CHAMP is yet to announce the winning design, but MONSTA X fans remain fiercely divided over the designs.

Source: THEQOO