MONSTA X Revealed Their Goals For The Future, And They Were Relatable AF

It’s what we all would wish for!

MONSTA X spoke with the Recording Academy Grammy Awards as they promoted their new EP, One of a Kind. They discussed their career and covered a variety of topics, spanning from their past to their future.

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When asked what they wish for MONSTA X in the future, they were refreshingly honest. Minhyuk spoke for himself, admitting that he hopes that he wouldn’t have to worry about money in the future, but we’re sure the others agree.

My wish is to be rich. Honestly.

— Minhyuk

Minhyuk | @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

While not everyone revealed their true feelings, I.M confessed that he agreed with Minhyuk, saying, “Me too!” Who wouldn’t wish for financial success anyway?

We’re certainly always wishing for MONSTA X’s success. Here’s hoping all of their wishes come true soon!

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