MONSTA X’s Hyungwon Sent I.M A Coffee Truck, Which Made Joohoney Incredibly Jealous

Joohoney’s reaction was so different from I.M’s!

While MONSTA X‘s I.M was shooting his solo debut music video, “God Damn,” his fellow group-mate Hyungwon sent him a coffee truck to show his support!

| @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

I.M was so touched at the sight that he nearly cried!

“I have never received such a thing in my whole life,” the overjoyed rapper said.

When Hyungwon went to check out the truck, he explained why he had hired one.

I was wondering what I could do for him. You know, we don’t give birthday gifts anymore, but then I heard that [I.M] was going to release his album around his birthday. So it’s not just a birthday gift, but to wish him for both occasions. On his birthday, I had a lot of schedules. I couldn’t do anything and just fell asleep. So I wanted to make it special… I sent a coffee truck to make it special.


However, the other members had wildly different reactions to the coffee truck–especially Joohoney.

When I.M informed Joohoney and Minhyuk, who had come to watch him film, that Hyungwon had sent a truck, they were both surprised.

Joohoney was slightly jealous that Hyungwon had never sent him anything, even though he’s shot three solo music videos. Minhyuk then sweetly promised that he’d send Joohoney one for his next video!

When he went to check out the truck later on, Joohoney playfully criticised Hyungwon’s banner: “‘Nails are salty, I’M’s voice is sweet.’ Isn’t that so insincere?”

Kihyun indulged him and joined in on the mockery: “It doesn’t mean anything, nor is it funny. It doesn’t rhyme nor does it have a punchline.” The two of them then came to the conclusion that Hyungwon must’ve been rushing.

Joohoney seemed happy to joke around with Kihyun, especially given the fact that Kihyun had been the only one to come visit him when he shot his last solo music video, “PSYCHE.”

While Joohoney certainly won’t hold a grudge against his group-mate, we hope that Hyungwon won’t forget him next time!