The Reason Other K-Pop Idols Used To Be Scared Of MONSTA X’s Hyungwon

Things weren’t what they seemed.

On an episode of his web series Mr. Chae the Castaway, MONSTA X‘s Hyungwon spoke candidly about how other idols used to view him in the past.


As his close friend SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan agreed, Hyungwon admitted, “People were afraid of me.” That fear went both ways. He told Jeonghan, “You scared me too.

But there was a specific reason why Jeonghan and other idols “didn’t even think to talk to” Hyungwon whenever they met him at broadcasting stations.

Not only did Hyungwon “never leave the waiting room” at music shows, but he also had the image of “a cold-hearted guy.” It made him difficult to approach.

Hyungwon understood completely and said, “Back then, my image was too strong.” Like a good friend, Jeonghan reassured him he was just being “cool.

Other idols simply misunderstood Hyungwon due to his cold image. That’s why he made an effort to greet them more often and smile more.

Proving that first impressions can be deceiving, Jeonghan eventually discovered Hyungwon’s true personality. Now they’re close friends who spend so much time together that their members get jealous.