Fans Are Cracking Up Over MONSTA X Hyungwon’s Latest Meme Moment

The meme king has returned!

There’s a reason why MONSTA X‘s Hyungwon has become known as a living meme. After all, you’re guaranteed to find a meme of Hyungwon for pretty much every situation!


His memes have gone viral several times…


And he’s even been recognized by Starbucks!


Just when you thought you’d seen the last Hyungwon meme, he surprises you with a brand new one! MONSTA X recently attended THE FACT Music Awards where they won the awards for Artist of the Year and Best Performer. But it wasn’t just their wins that had Monbebe talking!


Everything was going smooth until MONSTA X was announced as the winner of the Best Performer award. As soon as the announcement was made all of the members stood up to accept the award.


While everyone stood up without a problem, Hyungwon’s chair gave him a bit of trouble and he almost crashed but was caught in the nick of time by Kihyun!


The moment immediately caught the attention of Monbebe who couldn’t help cracking up over Hyungwon’s unsteadiness and quickly claimed it as the perfect opportunity to make more memes!


Besides THE FACT Music Awards meme, Monbebes also discovered another new meme bringing his meme total up two more in the past couple of days! All hail the meme king and his adorable memefulness!