MONSTA X’s Hyungwon Hilariously Teases MONBEBE With His Unexpectedly Bold Idea For A Tattoo

He went from 1 to 100 real quick.

In a recent live stream, MONSTA X‘s Hyungwon teased fans about wanting to get a tattoo, and fans were surprised at the bold idea he suggested.

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Following MONSTA X’s amazing performance at the 2022 KPop.Flex concert in Germany, Hyungwon spent some quality time catching up with fans and, of course, discussing his members. More specifically, he discussed I.M and his new tattoo.

Fans have been speculating about the meaning of I.M’s new flower tattoo…

…but while Hyungwon did not give many details about it, he did say that it’s actually a withered flower, perhaps in reference to I.M’s song “시든 꽃,” or “Flower-ed.”

It wasn’t very painful according to Hyungwon, but the process was certainly long. Though, seeing those results, absolutely no one is complaining!

But Hyungwon also discussed his own ‘plan’ for a tattoo, leaving fans hilariously divided over whether it was a good idea or not; he claimed he wanted a tattoo that started on his face and went down his neck.

But of course, he does not actually have any intention of getting a tattoo any time soon, and in fact he even laughed when MONBEBE reacted to his ‘idea’ on live, saying, “Seeing the reactions, I could have been in big trouble.”

Considering that he doesn’t have a tattoo so far, going for a face-to-neck tattoo certainly caught MONBEBE off-guard. Though some feel a neck tattoo wouldn’t actually be so bad…

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While Hyungwon won’t be getting something as drastic as a face tattoo, it would still be fun to see what kind of tattoo he does end up getting at some point, if any!