MONSTA X’s Hyungwon Reveals His Unique Method Of Flirting And His Members Couldn’t Handle It

It’s a funny, yet cute flirting technique.

MONSTA X recently sat down for an interview with Seventeen Magazine where they answered 17 fun questions!

The interview started off with many professional questions regarding their music and inspirations; however, the fifth question got a bit more intriguing!

The fifth question asked, “How do you flirt?” After the members received the question they all sat in silence. Kihyun finally spoke up and stated, “Ok, how do you do it, Hyungwon?” Hyungwon’s answer definitely caught everyone off guard.

Hyungwon shared that he flirts by using “Truth,” but quickly hilariously changed his answer to “Churros!” His members immediately cracked a smile and laughed at Hyungwon’s humor.

Following his answer, Hyugwon explained his logic in answering with “Churros” and it kind of makes sense.

What, you don’t think so?! It taste good! You can like something that taste good.


Joohoney went in on the fun and added, “So Hyungwon seduces people with churros.” Joohoney also asked, “Do you seduce with the chocolate-dipped ones?

Hyungwon answered he’d do both by doing on side of the churro chocolate dipped and the other side plain.

While it seems like an unusual flirting method, Monbebes would gladly share a churro with Hyungwon.

Check out the interview below: