MONSTA X’s I.M Admits To Snooping Through Their Phones, And Their Reactions Are Everything

The looks of betrayal were real.

MONSTA X sat down with Kalen Allen to play a game of Never Have I Ever. Things got a little dicey for I.M when asked if they’d ever snooped through another member’s phone without them knowing.


I.M flipped his paddle to the side that revealed he had, making everyone curious whose phone it had been.

It hadn’t been just one member; it had been every single one of them.

All the members.

They were all completely shocked. Smiles disappeared; necks snapped around; stares were deadly. If Hyungwon had been there, he probably would’ve been just as surprised.

This led Kalen to ask what Monbebes would be dying to know: if he’d found anything interesting. I.M wouldn’t give any details; that alone said enough.

Come on. Let’s skip this question.

Watch MONSTA X be shocked by their curious maknae.