MONSTA X’s I.M Chooses Which Member He’d Date If They Were A Girl

They’re actually a perfect match.

At a recent fan signing event, a fan asked MONSTA X‘s I.M a question many would be curious about.


If all of the members were girls, which one would he be interested in dating? If none of those options satisfied him, the fan even added the option to date himself.

It turns out that I.M didn’t need the extra option. He chose no one other than Kihyun, which is hilariously ironic. In the past video, Kihyun had been the one to select I.M as the member he’d want for a boyfriend if he were a girl.

The fact that they’ve both chosen each other makes it seem like a match made in heaven. What do you think of the funny pairing? Do you think there’s a member that suits him better?