Here’s How MONSTA X’s I.M COMPLETELY Embarrassed Himself In Front Of Lovelyz

It has something to do with his dancing.

MONSTA X‘s I.M has his own fair share of embarrassing stories!

In the May 28 episode of SBS Power FM‘s radio show, Cultwo Show, the maknae detailed one of his most cringe-worthy stories.

I.M once danced excitedly in a broadcast station right in front of the elevator. Thinking it was a “close male group”, he did not hold back.

I.M. ignored the roaring laughter of his group mates as he confirmed that this was true.

I remember the general situation. I thought it was GOT7. I was going to welcome them…

…but when the elevator doors opened, it was not GOT7 but Lovelyz!

To make matters worse, he coincidentally sang their own song “Ah Choo” in front of them! Kihyun threw him under the bus and said, “He really sang it quite frequently before.”

Sujeong, a fellow guest on the show, remembered the incident clearly.

Normally in an elevator, even before the doors open, we can hear sounds from the outside. It was really noisy and we could hear Lovelyz’s song.

– Sujeong

According to her, it was a hilarious situation.

It was really funny! When the doors opened, he was there dancing.

– Sujeong

To commemorate his embarrassing experience, I.M ended up giving Sujeong a front row seat to his “Ah Choo” cover.

Afterwards, they even danced in “his dream stage” together!

Check out the full video below!

Source: YouTube