MONSTA X’s I.M Has The Cutest Relationship With His Stylists

We love how comfortable he is with them!

In a behind-the-scenes video for the filming of his solo debut music video “God Damn,” MONSTA X‘s I.M takes us through the journey of selecting the perfect wardrobe–which, obviously, cannot be done without the help of his stylists. However, not only did the video show us the process of picking out his wardrobe, it showed us his cute friendship with his stylists!

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As they picked out clothes for him, they chatted with him about various topics, then suddenly one of them remembered that it was actually his birthday! They all then cutely cheered for him.

The same stylists who brought up his birthday said that they had planned to bring him a cake but couldn’t since they had to show up to the fitting early in the morning. I.M didn’t mind, letting them know that it was alright, then told them about his plans and how he had bought himself a gift. Telling them about his new bag really showed that they’ve got a comfortable friendship, as he wanted to share the small piece of information with them!

He kept complimenting their outfit choices–“It’s so pretty, I’m annoyed!”–while they agreed that he looked handsome in all of the options.

What’s friendship without a little teasing, though? When I.M stepped aside to show off the outfits and pose, they were confused for a moment–before bursting out laughing when they realized he was expecting them to take photos of him.

“He’s posing now!” one of them pointed out. “We were watching by ourselves.”

Of course, after they all laughed together, the stylists were happy to take pictures of I.M all while complimenting him.

Once they had wrapped up the fitting session, they all sang happy birthday for him again while he cutely danced.

He wasn’t done just yet, though: he stayed back for a bit to discuss the best way to style each of the outfits they had all picked out, helping the stylists come up with ideas on how to accessorize and wear the pieces.

When he finally left, he said that he was overwhelmed by the compliments, but overall he seemed incredibly happy with how the fitting had turned out.

It’s always cute to see idols interact with their staff, so we hope we get to see more of I.M’s sweet behind-the-scenes friendships!

Source: YouTube