Why MONSTA X’s I.M Didn’t Like Seeing His Own Face When He Debuted

He’s come a long way.

MONSTA X‘s I.M has come a long way since he debuted in 2015. He hasn’t always had the easy confidence that fans admire him for today.

I.M | Rolling Stone UK/Jesse DeFlorio

I.M regularly shares photos of himself through social media for fans to appreciate.

| @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

Considering I.M’s fondness for selfies, fans might find it hard to believe that I.M once found this part of idol life daunting. In an interview with Rolling Stone UK, he revealed that he was uncomfortable seeing his face on the internet.

When we just debuted, I was awkward seeing my face in pictures […] That was so strange, I felt so strange. I didn’t like my own face.


I.M revealed that these days he’s more comfortable with the practice, because he knows the fans will like his pictures no matter what.

Sometimes I might see some ugly pictures and be sad or be like ‘oh sh*t’ but that’s OK because fans will see them. They even like our ugly faces, too. It doesn’t matter.


I.M has nothing to worry about if the way fans react to his pictures says anything.

It’s clear that not only do fans appreciate his beauty, they appreciate his character as well.

And finally, they love him through it all.

Though I.M may have struggled in the past with his feelings about his photos being posted, it seems that he now embraces it. Luckily, it’s apparent that the fans find every picture of him charming.

Source: Rolling Stone UK

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