MONSTA X’s I.M Denied His “MOTN” Lyrics Were About Sex, But “Love U” Was A Different Story

“Middle Of The Night” was tame compared to the other.

In MONSTA X‘s latest album All About Luv, the group wanted to cover all the different types of love a person can feel, like the love of family or even a relationship. Because of that, there are lyrics that can be interpreted in a naughtier way than others.

That’s what happened for the song “Middle Of The Night.” I.M had to set the record straight about one of his lines for the song. There was no better place to do it than at a fan event when interviewed by Jeff Benjamin.

Moving his hand to highlight the importance of his words, he jumped right into it: “Some Monbebes said that six was something…you know?” He was referring to point in the lyrics where some fans thought he’d been saying “sex” rather than the number six.

I.M wanted to set the record straight, “I’m talking about that Motel 6, not that motel ‘what.'” Since the full line is “Sleeping in the Motel 6” it would sound completely off if he’d actually been saying what they’d thought.

Even with the explanation, fans still weren’t convinced the song itself wasn’t about the sex, with lyrics mentioning kissing and meeting at night. When it came to another song, though, I.M admitted it in the funniest way.

While discussing what kind of love the song “Love U” had been referring to, I.M made it crystal clear. Although he didn’t say it out loud, he mouthed the curse “f*ck.” With them singing “I really, really want to love u / But I can’t say the word I want to” in the chorus, he just had to admit it was about sex.

Since Monbebes had some naughty ideas, I.M both confirmed and denied they were true.

Watch I.M correct fans on “Middle Of The Night” but amuse them with his sneakily bold answer to “Love U”.