MONSTA X I.M Explains The Kind Of Artist He Wants To Be

He wants to focus on the emotion behind each song!

In an interview with Arena Homme+, MONSTA X‘s I.M reveals the kind of artist he wants to be with the release of his first solo album, DUALITY. 

I.M emphasized that he would prefer to release songs based on his emotions. He added, “When I think ‘I’m going to become this kind of artist,’ it puts me in a rut.”

It was announced that I.M will feature in their March issue and have released images showcasing his dazzling and effortless visuals.

Alongside the photoshoot, I.M also looked at the theme of his new album DUALITY and the inspiration that everyone has two sides to them, including himself.

He pointed out that, in the past, he worried about the distance between the “stage” him and “real” him. He now tries to let it not bother him, even if it sometimes causes confusion about who he is.

During the interview, I.M also looked at the differences between his solo music and the songs he releases with MONSTA X.

While he saw the music MONSTA X produces as strong, he believes that his sound is very different and resembles his own, more quiet personality. In particular, he wrote lyrics that were less direct and more metaphorical.

I.M was also asked what he thought his coolest attribute was. He replied that he was able to blend in with other people whilst keeping his identity. “I make an effort to be in harmony with the group but not lose my own color.”

Source: SM Lounge