MONSTA X’s I.M’s Dance Fail Made Him Run In Embarrassment

Shownu, Joohoney, and Kihyun were really enjoying it 😂

From his deep voice and charisma, MONSTA X‘s maknae I.M is known for his sexy charms. When he showed off some of his favorite dance moves, he showed another side of himself that had everyone cracking up.

During the group’s appearance on MMTG‘s Civilization Express, they ended the episode by showing their favorite parts of their title track, “FANTASIA”. I.M decided to dance to Shownu‘s epic dance cut—at least that’s what he planned.

As soon as I.M began to dance, he noticed the ground was too wet and moved to another spot.

He made a grand entrance by popping up from behind a flower bush, placing one of the white flowers in his hair. The way I.M jumped from behind the bush was a dead giveaway of the funny turn it would take.

When I.M did Shownu’s spinning kick, he lost his footing and tumbled to the ground.

All the members and the host Jae Jae burst into loud laughter as I.M rolled over in the grass.

Maknae I.M was so embarrassed that he got up—grass and all—and took off running, making his members laugh even more.

When Jae Jae asked if the fall was part of the choreography, they couldn’t stop laughing to answer. Joohoney was laughing so hard that he couldn’t stand up, Hyungwon joining him.

In between laughing, Kihyun confirmed by shaking his hand that it wasn’t part of the dance at all.

After they had their fill of laughing, I.M came back and had his back wiped by the members. He may be known for his sexy side, but he had everyone rolling with his funny one—including himself. Check out the hilarious slip up here.