MONSTA X’s I.M And Hyungwon Fought With Their Microphone Stands

Little did they know, there was an easier but way less funny solution.

No matter how much artists prepare beforehand, there’s always a chance that something unexpected could happen during a performance. At the start of MONSTA X‘s “Middle Of The Night”, I.M and Hyungwon faced a funny situation with their microphone stands they’d hadn’t been ready for.

Right as the song started, both of them noticed their microphone stands weren’t adjusted where they needed to be. After briefly singing into his, I.M found that it was too tall for him. Before his next line, he leaned down and tried to lower it, twisting the middle of the stand.

Behind him, Hyungwon had the opposite problem. His microphone stand was too short for him. Like I.M, he tried to adjust it. As he held his microphone, he pulled the stand upward with his other hand.

Since the stand wouldn’t budge, I.M found a simple way to deal with it. All he did was take the microphone and bend it down so that he could sing into it. Hyungwon still had time before he had to sing. He used all his time trying his best to adjust it, pulling on one side, followed by the other.

While I.M cutely stood on tip-toes to sing into his microphone, it seemed like Hyungwon finally gave up on his attempts. As his lines came, he settled the microphone into the stand and bent down to sing into it. If you thought that was the end of their battle with their microphone stands, it was far from over.

Hyungwon wasn’t resting until he could adjust the stand where he needed it, twisting the middle of it. By then, I.M had given it one more attempt before poking fun at himself by standing on his tip-toes to reach his microphone.

In the end, Hyungwon couldn’t win, even giving it yet another attempt. Like the professionals they are, though, they still managed to keep the performance on track until the very end.

Funnily enough, it just seems like their stands had been switched. All they had to do was a quick switch, if they’d seen each other fiddling around. They learned from it, though.

For the next show, Hyungwon and I.M weren’t having a repeat. Before the performance started, I.M checked that his microphone stand had been adjusted correctly, stretching in front of it dramatically.

Watch them battling with their stands here, making Monbebes everywhere chuckle.