MONSTA X’s I.M Praised For His Manner Hands With Kelly Clarkson

This is why Monbebes stan.

With the release of their first-ever full English album All About Luv, MONSTA X have been making major American television appearances, from shows to interviews.

Right after appearing on NBC‘s Today Show, the group also recorded on a not-yet aired performance for The Kelly Clarkson Show, hosted by the well-known singer.

Despite not yet seeing the appearance or having a set date for when it’ll air, I.M is already making waves with his polite manners toward Kelly Clarkson.

The five members, minus Joohoney who’s taken a hiatus to recover his health, snapped a photo with the celebrity host. Although it looked like a typical photo upon first glance, fans noticed how respectful I.M had been with his hand.

Rather than placing his hand on her shoulder, especially since there was only mesh over it, his hand hovered above it. The extra effort he’d put in to be respectful had Monbebes praising him.

During a separate interview that happened recently, from what seems to be Beats 1, fans noticed that I.M had done something similar. While placed in the same position as above, he decided to be polite in an entirely different way.

Thinking outside of the box, I.M held his hand high in the air and pointed a finger upward in a fun gesture.

Even when they’re in a whole different country where the culture differs, I.M will still remain polite the best way he knows how.