MONSTA X’s I.M Reveals Just How Hard It Is To Find A House In Seoul

House hunting is a challenge even for idols!

During an interview with Cosmopolitan Korea, MONSTA X‘s rapper I.M was asked a simple question: What thoughts are occupying your mind the most these days?”

I.M’s cover for the July 2021 Issue | Cosmopolitan Korea

While it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume that he would probably say something about the band or maybe his own solo career, I.M’s answer was surprisingly relatable.

My dream to purchase a house. I think about when it will be possible? Haha. It’s been some time since I put in an offer, but it’s become almost impossible to buy a house in Seoul. It’s such a shame.

— I.M

Considering the fact that I.M is a member of a global idol group that has been promoting for more than six years, it’s a bit surprising to find out that it’s been so difficult for him to find a suitable home. However, his struggles may not have to do with what the houses themselves look like, but rather their expensive location.

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When invited to share about his dream home, I.M stated that it “doesn’t have to be a big place,” and he “would like for it to have indoor parking.” While these two preferences alone don’t seem too outrageous, he also expresses that he would want to live in the center of the city in the Gangnam area.

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Gangnam, sometimes called “the Beverly Hills of South Korea,” is the most expensive district to live in the entirety of Seoul. Properties there are about three times as expensive as the South Korean real-estate average.

Cartier store location | Harrison Jacobs/Business Insider

Because it is such a status symbol to live in Gangnam, many famous actors and idols live in the area. The homes also tend to go off the market rather quickly, despite being extremely expensive, only adding to I.M’s struggle!

JYP Entertainment Center | Harrison Jacobs/Business Insider

While he hasn’t been able to find his dream home yet, we’re sure that I.M will be able to find the perfect house soon!

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Would you want to live in Gangnam?

Source: Business Insider