MONSTA X’s I.M Reveals How His Upbringing Influenced The Person He Is Today

They were vital experiences!

I.M has gained worldwide recognition as both a member of MONSTA X and a soloist with his first EP Duality. With his debut solo release, I.M released five songs sharing his thoughts and exposing a sense of vulnerability!

In an interview with EARMILK, I.M looked at his upbringing and how vital it was in molding both the person and artist he is today!

The first thing I.M recalls as a child was waking up to hearing jazz or classical music in the morning, filling the house, which stemmed from his dad’s love of music! He even added that the first song he memorized was Louis Armstrong’s “What A Wonderful World.”

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As a child, I.M had a lot of global experience living in Boston, Massachusetts, and Israel for seven years during his childhood before moving back to Korea. It was because of both the eastern and western influences that affected who he is as a person. I

I really try to respect and understand other cultures, and I’ve always had a sense of living within a wider community. And as a child, I was curious about everything — always asking questions — just like I am today.

— I.M

It was this experience that ignited a curiosity inside of him to think about performing his music! He said nothing could stop him from achieving this goal once the idea was carved in his mind!

Even when his parents had concerns about his dream career, it was something he needed to do. He remembered how shocked they had been when he decided to drop out of school to pursue his singing passion.

Yet, I.M stood his ground and found a way to convince his parents that this was the path for him and worth pursuing after he passed his audition.

Give me a few months, or maybe even a few years, so I can prove to you that I can do it. And they said, yes, they believed in me.

— I.M

These experiences were key in shaping who I.M is and influences the songs that he writes! Make sure to listen to his debut solo track “GOD DAMN” below!

Source: earmilk