MONSTA X’s I.M And SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Are The Masters Of Getting Separated From Their Groups

Their habits are starting to rub off on each other.

Ever since MONSTA X and SEVENTEEN debuted only a week apart in 2015, both groups have had a close relationship with each other that’s almost as close as brothers.


Since they’ve been around each other so long, it’s only natural for them to begin to share the same habits. I.M and Hoshi are proof of that with their recent appearances at separate awards shows.

During the 9th Gaon Chart Music Awards, I.M ran into a bit of a problem while he was still on stage. He suddenly realized he’d become separated from his group, looking right, left, and then back again. Stray Kids was one of the only groups he could see.

After looking around in confusion, I.M just couldn’t seem to find the rest of his group. He figured his best option of doing so was simply returning backstage. He turned around twice in the hopes they’d appear, before giving up. Hoshi had the same experience at another awards show.

During SBS‘s Gayo Daejun, Hoshi somehow got separated from his group as well. In the midst of groups ASTRO and TWICE, he walked around the stage while he looked around for any sign of his own group.

Unlike I.M, Hoshi was able to reunite with Mingyu. They both even chatted with Joohoney. That didn’t solve his problem, though. Both of them were now lost together. Little did he know, the rest of SEVENTEEN were only further up ahead, close to leaving the stage.

Moments like these prove exactly why the MONTEEN friendship is so precious and why they get along so well. They have the same habits, especially I.M and Hoshi.

Watch both Hoshi and I.M get lost in the sea of other idol groups here.