MONSTA X I.M Shocks Fan With Accidental Sexual Message

MONSTA X’s I.M had the right intentions in mind, but his message came out sounding slightly NC-17.

One of MONSTA X’s fans asked I.M for a message that will make her heart race.

She received a message back, but was completely taken by surprise!

“Let me be inside of you.”

 — I.M

Source: @nikki_easley

At first glance, his message seems less than a normal idol-to-fan message.

But Korean fans clarified that he probably meant to say something romantic.

There’s a romantic phrase in Korean which means to treasure deeply in one’s heart.

When you directly translate that, you can get a whole another meaning.

Either way, MONBEBEs find I.M’s translation hilariously adorable!

“Never mistranslate. Translations are sacred.”

Source: “Okja” (2017)